donderdag 2 juli 2015

hot in July

While summer solstice was a kind of drizzly day,
at the end of June and now in July
the summer is in full swing :
it's HOT !
We keep the doors and windows closed
to keep the heat out as much as possible
only to open them up very late in the evening.
Last night it stayed well over 25 degrees
Lots of time to make some new items
for the MAF-Festival (and market)
this Sunday :
a "dance" waistband 
(leastwise : there are tiny bells sewn onto it,
so it jingles as you move)

(MAF : Mother Earth Family festival)

It was so much fun to look for bright and "bling" goodies
in my vast stash.
But some of the ribbon (also with the pompons) I bought
last week on the Rotterdam weekly market.
I lóve those tiny pompons
except :
I  DON'T like it that my thread
catches time and again behind them !!!

I just need to sew on the bands to tie it.

A detailed peek.

And here is another one in blue

That little "baby" ...  is just a matching cuff

Another detail.

Of course the cuff has a little bell too !

And yet another, in black and white.
It was hard to find some good black-and-white flowers
(I didn't have a big felted one)
so I took this gorgeous big silk peony and bow
as a bright pink accent.

I sat in the garden just now,
sewing on the black and white one in the last daylight,
listening to the quiet, lazy songs of several blackbirds
singing their latest tunes
.... mmmmmm
warm summer nights !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. that red one is my favorite but they're all gorgeous.i just recently bought some of those tiny pom poms in pink. don't know where i'll use them but i couldn't resist. nice idea to stitch the ribbons together. i have lots of ribbons in my stash as well.

  2. Wunderschön, liebe Els, ganz besonders das kleine "Baby", so liebevoll detailliert.
    Herzliche Grüße

  3. So creative! I would love to hear them jingle!

  4. Die zijn gaaf...! Heb je ze verkocht...! En zijn ze verstelbaar...?!