zaterdag 12 december 2015

12 - 12 - 15 ... just small things

Nothing much is going on.
We're in between festivities and
December is just going its quiet way.
Small things I'm making.
I'm thinking of stitching a little cloth
just for the fun of stitching again

Finished a small embroidery project just now
which I will show a bit later ...

and another one.

Last Wednesday we had the last mandala evening of the year

there isn't much to be seen 
of the unicorn  that it was about
(that's what happens sometimes after the meditation)

And this was the one of November that I didn't post either

about the sea goddess Benten and the dragon

When I went to Rotterdam today
my usual Stitch'nBitch visit, 
I fi-nal-ly finished my sock
and made the beginnign for number two

Love the colour of that "Lang" yarn 

So :
just small things

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  1. Ob klein oder groß, besonders sind sie immer, deine Arbeiten. Blauer Nachschub kommt...