woensdag 30 december 2015

bits and pieces .....

At the very end of the year
there are always
those little bits and pieces 
that need to be said, shown, or finished ...

Here are some of mine.

Only tiny bits of this little felted heart
were shown, because it was a present to daughter's best friend
who had her 50th birthday yesterday.
Lots of family and friends were asked
to make a little heart,
and a whole bunch came and were placed
on a "wild" piece of wood,
making it into a wonderful birthday present !


Winter isn't really winter (yet ?)
but it is great fun to help granddad to prepare
the bird feeder in case the cold suddenly arrives !


Making selfies is a silly business !


Two friends came for a felting workshop
just before christmas

A late start, too much talking and planning
made that they need to finish it all later
(uhhhm ... next year ...)


This :

was the perhaps most special (almost) full moon I saw this year
on the 24th of December,
(except the eclipse moon of course
There was this awesome ring around it !


But there was also a  B I G  piece that we did :
today we used this second last day of the year 2015
for some serious window painting business !!!

This picture from the net was the start

Enlarged using a grid,
to almost 2 x 1 meter.

The start of the other choice of this class : a "minion"

Me starting with number two : "Rio"

But we weren't the only "idiots" working during the school holidays ...
(they are painting again the little house that was built in my classroom
some 19 years ago to make room for more possibilities to play
in the rather small classroom)

Minion in progress ...

Daughter and me started with "Blue"
and granddaughter ...

steps into the family's footsteps

Almost done !!!

HA !
I think this is a nice present for the teacher 
when she starts school again on Monday

And to ALL my dear friends out there in the world
who visit here in blogland :

I wish you a
and colourful


See you next year !

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Viele schöne (große) Stückchen und erlebte Zeiten (schade, kein Eislaufen auf dem Kanal bis jetzt). Euer Familien-Team ist klasse und so kreativ! Danke an euch, der Briefträger war da und auf ein neues gutes Jahr!

  2. what a beautiful rainbow of colour to complete the circle of the year!

  3. Gott nytt år, blir så inspirerad av dig så Tack

  4. Liebe Els, du zauberhafte Seele, so schön war das Jahr mit dir - wenn auch nur virtuell. Dafür möchte ich dir danken und dir und deiner Familie viel Magie für 2016 wünschen, Gesundheit, Frieden und Glück ... und vielleicht ein Treffen in Rotterdam ☺ ---► Das wäre schön. Alles Liebe von Manu

    1. Danke auch Manu, für dein leuchtendes Glas !
      Alles Gute, und wer weiss .... ;-) (mit anderen
      hat es auch schon geklappt)

  5. Zo mooi allemaal Els!!
    De selfie is zooooo lief :-)
    Jullie ook een hele fijne jaarwisseling en een geweldig nieuw jaar! Xxx

  6. Ein wunderschönes neues Jahr Els. Ich wünsche dir, dass deine Kreativität Platz hat sich zu entfalten und wie immer freue ich mich schon sehr, deinen Blog zu besuchen.

  7. I love your school window paintings and your new years greeting!! Recently someone asked me my favorite color(s) and i said "Rainbow, closely followed by green!"

  8. Wonderful window art for the children, and the teacher, Els. With all good wishes for the coming year.

  9. Happy New Year! Thank you for the bright colors :)

  10. Doris, Helen and Jokke it's always a pleasure at "your place" too !!!
    Bright colours in your part of the world too Sonja !

    Chears to a creative year !

  11. What an acid meet. I love the heart. Gorgeous. X

  12. Das ist sicher nicht nur für die Lehrer eine zauberhafte Überraschung! Toll, die Zusammenarbeit von Enkelin, Tochter und Großmutter!
    Ein spannendes kreatives neues jahr wünscht dir