vrijdag 4 december 2015

felt ... and more felt

I've been stitching om some
little scissors pouches.
Stitching on felt is special :
the beginning and end are neatly hidden inside the felt.
The way I make the pouches gives an extra think flap
where you can put your needles and pins in.
Sometimes I make the beginning of a design in the felt,
sometimes they are like a plain canvas.

Two new ones (front flap)

One inside, and one outside

Then, because I'm apparently unable to stop myself,

two more felted jewels

Today I received my little felt
of our new felting exchange !
(I knew it was coming :
it was delayed due to some mishap)
My theme is "corsage" (though not necessarily of flowers,
more : something you can wear like a brooch)

This is what Karin came up with !

like a felted stupa !

It is maybe a bit big but I lóve the bright pink underside !

I might wear it on a turquoise belt that I have ...
a tiny hat ???
(or I can always use it as a pin cushion, Karin said  ;-) ...)


(Ha, just noticed : the colours are the same as my felts)

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