maandag 21 december 2015


Today, the shortest day
(at least here ... "down under" my friends have the longest day)
so time to post my Solstice piece.

Winter Solstice

I finished it yesterday evening,
right on time !

I was so happy to receive that indigo dyed thread
(that I sent as white thread to Birgit)
it was the best colour, together with a bit of yellow
to make the stitched "rays" between the "points".

This piece has a tail :
the Kaffe Fasset strip at the bottom
was longer than the (20 cm) side
and I left it on because I didn't know how to proceed, yet
Then I found another (blue) strip
that was just as long as the extending end
so I just stitched the two together !

A coincidence (?) that we found something else 
with a tail, this morning ???

You may know that we have two cats in the house.
(they're daughter's, but live at our house for the time being)

About a week ago I suddenly discovered
mouse droppings
in the kitchen and the living room !
The cats are staying in that area at night
(otherwise they sneak up to the bedroom
and we won't be sleeping very quietly ...)
But apparently, our cats are
too well-fed,
too lazy,
or just a bit too old (15)

These last few days we took away the cat food at night,
cleaned the counter top very carefully,
and closed all the cupboards 
where there might be something to eat 


this morning : there he (she) was
another tail

(hmmmmm ... too well-fed for sure !

 On this shortest day
we went to Amsterdam
to say a last farewell
to the old mother (97) of a good friend.
They gave her the most wonderful goodbye :
there are some wonderful musicians in that family
and during the ceremony they played several times,
what a special way to remember someone dear !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Die Musik musste ich natürlich sofort anhören - ja, wunderschöne Stimmen und beeindruckend, so etwas erleben zu dürfen. Deine Stickerei bewundere ich wieder, einfach so und so schön (9 Strahlen). Möchte Katzen, strays (gut, dass wir die haben) in den Ferien versuchen...Bis bald, Birgit

  2. Schönes und Trauriges- wie das Leben so ist..
    Dir und deiner Familie friedliche und frohe Feiertag, liebe Els.
    Viele liebe Grüße,

  3. Els, wat prachtig!
    En fijn dat de uitvaart ook mooi was...

  4. Your blue sun is so beautiful! I love all the detailing. Happy christmas Els, have a lovely time. xx

  5. Was für eine wunderbare Sonne! Die spricht mich natürlich sehr an.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein gesundes, kreatives, verspieltes Jahr 2016. Es ist mir immer eine große Freude, Dich hier auf deinem Blog zu besuchen und so an deinen Gedanken teilhaben zu dürfen. Hab auch vielen Dank für Deine Besuche bei mir und Deine lieben Kommentare.
    Herzliche Grüße