zaterdag 14 mei 2016

Canadian connection

Sometimes there are small miracles
that appear out of the blue !

You might remember
that I posted about a scarf I was knitting
with an intricate pattern.
(the "petalcowl")
Originally it was knit in the round
(which I managed to do)
but I wanted to do it again, but now flat.
I had this wonderful yarn for a long time in my stash
and started right away,
thinking I would have enough
to finish the scarf.

But oh dear ...
I soon realized 2 balls weren't nearly enough !!!

I found out right away 
that this particular colour was discontinued !
So WHO could help me ?

I tried several people on "RAVELRY"
who said they had this yarn in their stash .....

After a few days, and negative answers .....
there was this sweet lady, all the way in Canada,
who said I could have her yarn !!!
She posted it right away !
Very special was that she remembered her father telling
he loved Holland, which he (as a young soldier)
had helped liberate in WW II

(I made her a sweet return package 
with some postcards and other goodies)

Last Wednesday Janie's package finally arrived YIPPIIIIIEEEE
(she was already worried and had told me
the Canadian post was slow ...)

YES ! two balls wonderful Mini Mochi  !!!
Mmmmmm knitting again !
Lucky me


For the market I finished the two new

One side of the "drops" is blue,
the other side purple
(I stitched the edge with cotton perlé)



And ohhhh ....

what this little naked guy is doing in my garden ...

I will explain later


7 opmerkingen:

  1. love the necklaces and the magic connections!

  2. Über Länder und Meere - was für eine Verbindung. Dieser Schal wird dadurch immer etwas ganz besonderes sein. Eine schönen Markttag wünsche ich dir, ich bin morgen auch mit Spinnrad und Färbetopf beim Heimatmuseum. Hoffentlich stürmt es nicht allzu heftig.

  3. To mój ulubiony wzór dziewiarski, jednak w polskim tłumaczeniu to istne "fidry midry". Zazdroszczę wykonania.

  4. yes Els, there are some wonderful. kind people in this online's reassuring that there is a lot of goodness out there. I do love your necklaces, they are so dramatic and qualify as ''statement art pieces'', very theatrical.

  5. That yarn is amazing! Such a beautiful piece of knitting and the yarn seems to know exactly when to change color! Wow!

  6. Bezige bij..... Mooie kettingen, maar dat breiwerk.... Smullen.... Blote man in je tuin...! Spannend...!🎯

  7. How lovely to find someone with the yarn you needed who was happy to send it to you.. The scarf-in-making looks beautiful!
    Your felted necklaces are lovely and the 'little naked guy' is adorable :) x