donderdag 26 mei 2016


Oh my
where did May go

We went to the market
and had an (unexpected) SUNNY day !

(with some generous friends)

There was a little birthday boy ...

who got a BIG present
(that had to be assembled first)

Here he's on his first test drive !!!!!
I can tell you : happy !!!

(and a big brother who wanted to test-drive too.
but unfortunately is too big ...)

Hmmmm ...
these two little guys ?????

heroes in a animated movie
and knitted by daughter

Remember the little naked guy in the garden ???
he was one of them
(then, without anything to wear yet !)


The sheep in the petting zoo lost their coat

(daughter and a friend were there 
with their spinning wheel)

In May the garden is at its best

After the Bluebells came lots and lots of Allium roseum.

This lovely Thalictrum aguilegifolium I got in return
from a friend that I gave some seedlings and cuttings
I had collected for her
since last year.

(some of these Irises will follow the other plants to her garden,
that are all doing well !)

Pictures of my just finished piece for the felting exchange 
have to wait a bit :
it's just gone away in the mail !

So they come later

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Birthday für den jungen Mann.....und ruck zuck macht er die erste Fahrstunde!

  2. what a beautiful post full of spring colour!