zaterdag 23 juli 2016

blue moon . . .

When I was laying together all the green scraps
for another stitching piece
there suddenly was a blue moon on one of them ...

Well, clearly that was it :
"Blue Moon"
it should be.

(ahhhh ... and that old Blue Moon song from long ago, by Ella or by Billy )

The piece from scratch
(or should I say : from scraps ?)

halfway through ...
working from all sides

And then the finished piece

front                    and                     back

Some more details of the stitching.
Just very simple stitches :
running stitch (kantha or sometimes flat stitch)
and buttonhole stitch

in silk  and cotton or rayon embroidery floss.

Stitching I did outside in the garden,
but when it was too HOT ... I fled inside !

B.t.w. garden ...

is what I'm doing to my New Dawn rose right now :

a severe case of
black spot  !
(I think I'll have to spray, next year ...)

But other things are doing great !!!


Thalictrum delavayi

Phlox (Utopia)

13 opmerkingen:

  1. what a beautiful blue moon and love all the flowers in your garden especially the Thalictrum, have never met one in real life (it's too hot to grow them here in Sydney)

    1. Thanks Mo. Got that Thalictrum from the sister of my best garden-friend, who returned to Australia (after having lived there as a child) The BIG Polygonatum next to the water, was hers too !!!

  2. Reacties
    1. Thanks Jokke ... quite your colours, aren't they ;-) ...

  3. Your moon is incredible beautiful. Love love love it.

  4. Reacties
    1. Dank je, Jolan
      (jij bent óók lekker aan 't borduren !)

  5. Just found your blog, enjoying it very much. Especially liking your moon piece!

  6. Oh Els, I just LOVE your Blue Moon piece! Absolutely exquisite! x

  7. I love seeing how your blue moon came together. It's wonderful! Sorry about your roses, so sad -- we have a huge problem with Japanese beetles here -- they love to eat rose blossoms as well as about a hundred other plants. xo

    1. Thanks Peggy !
      I hope the rose will be okay again next year (it was very wet here ...) Yes, all kinds of foreign plants or critters can disturb the home-plants and animals ...
      (we think we're so clever to get critters from elsewhere to cure some pest ... and create another !)