zondag 17 juli 2016

little star

Today I finished the
"little star"

It will end up on a canvas
with the thin dark blue fabric folded under.
(you can see the stones through the dark blue edge now : that thin !)

It was good sitting in the garden,
Plan to do more !

Felting Exchange !
Yeeeeeah ! I received a new felted piece yesterday !

Sorry : it is much more purple in real life !!!

The envelope was a piece of art too !

Thanks Jolan, I love it !

And since both of my own pieces are in their new homes
I can show the pictures now

before the final bits

"Flower meadow"

(or perhaps : Blah blah, blah ?)

(no more felting exchange for me till September !)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Els, dein Tag muss mehr als 24 Stunden haben ;o) - alles ausnahmslos toll! Ha, ein paar 'Schnipsel' erinnern mich, dass hier noch fertig gefärbtes Indigo für dich liegt....

    1. Manchmal geht es einfach "schnell" weil es Spass macht !
      (muss ich wohl abholen ...)