vrijdag 8 juli 2016

friends and family in summer

We have a summer that is wetter
than we hoped for .....
but days with friends and family
are always good !

Two months ago a loooooong time friend from Germany
said she could make a bus trip to Holland
if we were home then ...
We met in Austria when we were 12 (!)
and both with our parents on holiday, camping.
Our parents kept the friendship alive
for as long as they lived ...
and we are still going strong !
(the last time we saw each other was ten years ago)

Lots of rain earlier last week
but guess what : we had sunshine on Sunday
after we picked her and a friend up in their hotel
and took them home with us  ;-)

We had so much to talk about
of course we had to (re)visit the windmills.

It was a magnificent day !

(we promised not to wait thát long again
to see each other )


In this week was the last day of elementary school
for our biggest grandson,
so we took an extra day off
to go to the  "Efteling"
For the youngest is was the very first time.

We went in at five past ten  ;-)

And after some time together, our ways separated ...

Hmmmm ..... everything lóóks real .....

but : isn't !
(that was a problem for the little one sometimes)

Pinocchio ...

And THIS is not my kind of pleasure !!!!!


The week before last daughter and I
made the last window paintings
(perhaps two more next year, because of some changes in school)


Today we visited some good friends in Schoonhoven
the "silver" town of Holland
I took a plant from our garden ... and got one in return,
and took the felted jewel I made for her birthday

(ha, I just see the magenta Geranium I took with me
for them, is in this picture too !)

These friends are both professional artists
and I always come back inspired by them !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. such a joy to visit with you here today!

  2. it sounds like you are having a wonderful summer with family and friends Els.....here it will not stop raining!!

  3. Du hast so oft von deiner Freundin erzählt....mann hört die Freude heraus. Auf so einer Achterbahn waren wir vor 3 Jahren mit den Kindern - ja, brrrr!!!
    Euch allen viele Grüße, ich melde mich bald mal länger.