vrijdag 15 juli 2016

silk floss

On the Weavers Market in Hoorn last Wednesday
I met again Ien Rappoldt.

Always when I see her on markets
I admire the wonderful things she brought
from her travels to south-west China
particularly from the Miao and Dong people
("click" ... sorry, only in Dutch, but the pictures speak for themselves)

She not only collects beautiful embroidery items,
she learns the techniques from the local people there !

I once bought an original old sewing case
and we have her book about the Miao.
In the old sewing case were still some silk threads left,
but this time I bought a variety of wonderful colours in silk !

Mmmmmmm ...today I started stitching with it.
I had began with a lot of blue scraps
(invisibly basted on a thin backing fabric ... I started even two pieces !)

The small one
(15 x 15 cm)
Love the "dotted" kantha stitch !

This time Ien Rappoldt also had these lovely 
hexahedron good luck charms the Dong people make.

There was a little booklet,
strips of paper and some yarn went with it
so you can make your own !

My first !

(the hexahedron is an origami one,
that was lying around, made by granddaughter)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. all very beautiful. love how you incorporated the battenburg lace in the blue piece. i love adding bits of that lace to things.

    1. The outer edge of the vintage lace (indigo-dyed by a German friend) is part of the Solstice piece ;-)