woensdag 24 augustus 2016

a (hot but) FABULOUS day

Today I went with a dear friend of mine
in the Rijswijk Museum.
In fact it was a birthday present
a bit overdue !

(for me it was first the usual bike - boat - bike to the train station in Rotterdam,
then together to Rijswijk by train and a bus to the museum)

We had coffee and pie in the lovely museum garden.

There was a film with interviews with some of the paper artists first
and then we started with the exhibition.

It's amazing what artworks people can make out of paper !
(just click on the pictures to see them bigger)

Some were made especially for the exhibition in this museum !

(ahhhhh ... still have to find all the names)

In the museum shop there was something beautiful
I really couldn't resist ...

with LOTS of cutout pages

Rebecca Dautremer

It was such a wonderful day !!!
Thanks Maartje !

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