zaterdag 6 augustus 2016

some bits together

After the last post
I owe you the dress for granddaughter.

She really looked lovely in it !
(she has wonderful long hair and made lots of braids in it
just like the lady on t.v.)

(later I just realized it was a dress inspired
by a costume of Daenerys of  "Game of Thrones"
I know of it but don't follow it,
but looked it up )

Of course she needed a dragon ....
Ha, she made one herself,
she's GOOD with crochet !

(she had to sew on the wings and front paws in the car,
driving to the festival !!!)

And this was mum's outfit this time

The garden looks rather good now
because we have sun and a lot of rain
(so I don't have to water the plants)

I'm always happy when the
Altea cannabina
starts flowering like a fountain is little pink flowers !

lots of beauties

And the ongoing activity these days
is still the stitching on my red / purple piece

(scribbles, like little fireflies looking for a place to land)

... stitching along
   one stitch after another

8 opmerkingen:

  1. your sense of wild colour is brilliant and love those dresses from out of the blue!

  2. Everything so creative designs! The clothes and especially the red purple piece.

  3. Oh Els, was für schöne Dinge du da wieder zeigst!
    Mir gefällt der Drache sehr, sehr gut!Er hat so einen
    schlauen Blick!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. What a busy household. Beautiful blue costumes and dragon!
    Your stitching is so intuitive - doodling fireflies coming directly from your heart through your fingers. xo

  5. beautiful dresses here Els, I especially like the one for your granddaughter. Your red piece is vibrant, almost's a gorgeous textured surface and I imagine it's very addictive too.

  6. Thank you all, Mirjam,"Wolle", Gabi, Judy and Karen ....!
    (just back from "NO-internet-land"..... ;-) !)