maandag 22 augustus 2016

away and back again

We're back from our little journey
to another part of our country
(no "far-away" for us)
We had a lovely time,
part of it with daughter and grandchildren.

Though the weather wasn't very good,
we went on some trips,
we did some cycling,
sat in the sun when it was there,
(reading, drawing, stitching)
and there was no internet for me
which was fine.

a bike trip

a visit to "gnome-land"

a busy granddaughter

a visit to a medieval market

and this is the cat-piece I was stitching on

Today (and later this week) school starts again in this part of our country,
so the (not so) little-ones went back before the weekend
and we arrived home yesterday.
With most of the washing done,
it's back to normal.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Els...heerlijk!
    en dit kunstwerkje..zucht
    veel van jouw gekregen planten doen het!

    1. Het waren fijne weken ! "Kat" gaat maar langzaam ...
      geniet van je tuin, Yvette ;-)

  2. what a beautiful post, love your watery land!

  3. We had a lovely holiday (and it's nót very watery there ...)
    Ha, there are a lot of sheep there on the moors
    (uhhhm not THAT many, compared to down under ;-) !)