woensdag 3 augustus 2016

at the sewing machine ...

Yes, that's where I spent
the main part of my day :
at the sewing machine.

Daughter has this wonderful plan to go to

It's a show with lots of people in medieval clothes,
elves, soldiers, witches and all your
fantasy can think of.
She liked to dress up when she was in "Kindergarten"
and she still does !
Then, I was the one who made fun costumes,
now she makes them herself of course.
there is also her big daughter
who looooves the dresses in "Game of Thrones"
So there was a complicated dress for the big girl
ánd some clothes for mama.
(a frilly skirt)
Well ... that was a bit too much in such a short time !!!
Disaster of not being finished in time
lurked around the corner ...

So a call came
and a little voice said :

help !

Ahhhh well, I was only doing a bit of hand stitching ...
So, yesterday evening
they all came to visit
and she brought me the fabric package.

A top piece and then four strips ...
the last one 8 meters wide !!!
(ruffle, ruffle, ruffle)

One down, three more to go ...

this only happened twice
but that was annoying enough !

And late tonight :
done !
(the top that goes with it will hopefully be finished tomorrow)

Donn't know what the big boy is wearing,
but the small one has a fitting
knight's armor
(out of fabric   ;-)  )

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