donderdag 30 april 2020

hungry bunnies

I was afraid that the lovely Textile Stitch Challenge
had come to an end last week

But NO :
along came Anne Kelly !

I like the way she works and refers to folk art.
She uses old textiles
and all kinds of fragments, ribbons and lace
and then machine stitches over it all.

The folk art theme was a starting point here.

I made a design
but didn't necessarily want a vase in the center of it ...
That made me think of one of the stamps I made
(some years ago)
the one in the middle of row three,
the bunnies.

Hmmm ... what about bunnies, eating a carrot ???

Then I needed some background
and flowery fabrics

Lots and lots of snippets pinned to the background
Machine stitching and so many pins
isn't a good match ...
So I thought of something I learned a long time ago :
cover it all with a piece of tulle
and then stitch over it all !

And that's what I did.
I took dark pink tulle, but you can take
any colour you like, even black works well
The colour of the tulle kind of "fuses"
all the colours together.
But you can cut away the tulle in some places
to restore the brightness of the original colour.

After the machine stitching was done
I couched some ribbon, sewed some buttons
and made seed stitches
(criss-cross running stitches)
on the background.

"Hungry bunnies" 

 Detail with the tulle, machine and hand stitching

Thanks Anne Kelly,
it was fun !

12 opmerkingen:

  1. love what you are doing with these stitch challenges (((Els)))!

  2. Reacties
    1. Jaaaa het werkt echt ! En waar je het wegknipt komt de kleur weer feller tevoorschijn

  3. I'm really enjoying seeing these Els, this one has a wonderful folksy feel to it, and doesn't using that tulle work well instead of pins, which make a horrid bang if you catch them with the machine, assuming they don't actually blunt/break your needle. I love your stamps as well, did you carve them from erasers? Something I've seen somewhere suggests this is possible.
    Happy stitching and stay well xx

    1. Anne Kelly was a fun week !
      Sometimes a pin is needed, and the advantage over tacking it all is you can still shift things a bit.
      AHHHHHHH I HATE it when the needle catches a pin !!!
      Yes erasers ! Nice soft (!) and cheap, but it limits the size. Saw the stamp making at Geninne Zlatkis'blog

  4. They won't be hungry for long!
    Very lovely work, dear Els!
    Warm greetings from Paris

    1. Haha Svea, they don't know where to start : turnip of flowers ...
      All the best to you

  5. Sehr, sehr schön geworden, Els! ♥

    1. ((Gabi)) danke dir ! Ich denke noch mal sowas zu machen, aber dann mit andere Farben.
      Alles gut bei euch ! (hier noch immer viel zuhause, aber es ist keine Strafe im Garten zu sein ...) LG

  6. This is absolutely beautiful! Love the rabbits so much x