dinsdag 9 juni 2020

a lot of stitches

Today the third workshop
of the STITCH CLUB was launched

("today" is now tomorrow)

She is an embroiderer
and makes amazing portraits in stitch
For this workshop however
the uses strips of plastic bag as embroidery thread ...
I'm not sure about that.
I may and I may nót try that !

But that is a choice for later :
I'm still working on workshop number 2 !!!

Merill presented us with a "floral collage"
We had to find a plant (flower)
that has a meaning for us or for the current time.
There was also talk of symbolic meaning of plants.

Working on a background of "net"(tulle)
was new to me
(making textile collages, not)

This is my piece so far.

Merill's plan was +/-  20 x 20 cm
but I wanted to make it a bit bigger :
30 x 60 cm !

Before I started I took some pictures nearby

I chose a nettle, ox-eye daisies and a poppy

It all started with ironing my stack of scraps
and making the background

(and of course glue-stitching it all !)

Then came the plants / flowers

Ahhhhhh those zillion pins !

I rolled up the bottom part and started stitching the nettle.

left pins, right the first stitches done

Doing the French knots for the nettle flowers,

and blending the different coloured scraps with stitch.

More to follow

10 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love what you are doing with these stitching challenges!

    1. This is a one I very much like
      (making collages fits in my way of working)

  2. Ich bewundere deine Stoffverwertungen und Stickereien.
    Begeisterte Inselgrüße

  3. I decided not to join the stich club because I have so many things on my list but now I m a bit sad about it.

  4. How beautiful that is - I love your way of relating the fabrics to each other with stitch - so simple yet so effective

    1. Thanks ((Kat)) I did something like that already, but Merill made it even more clear, she also uses small strips of one colour to make a "bridge" from one colour to the next (go see her work :-) !)