dinsdag 16 juni 2020

100.000 trees

A few months ago
I discovered the art project of

100.000 trees and a threaded forest

She planned to stitch a forest of thread and fabric :
100 m2 embroidered forest
which will hang in a spiral shape on 6 x 6 m
and with a height of 4 m.

One will be able to walk into it
and admire nature.

In addition there was to be a crowdfunding
to raise money for 100.000 real trees
that will be planted in due time :
1000 in The Netherlands
and 99.000 in the tropics
(by "TreeSisters")

During this year of making there would be four different places
where people could join in with the embroidering

then the covid-19 crisis hit our country too
and all of it came to a halt ......

As an alternative for the delay to embroider the forest
hundreds embroidery kits (with leaves) were shipped.
Unfortunately I just missed going to the first embroidery "studio"
in the library in The Hague ánd I missed the embroidery kits ...
until I saw in the FB group of the project
that someone needed someone else to finish her kit !

The instructions, cheesecloth, pattern, hoop, needle and floss.
I continued on the first beginnings right away

A whole DMC thread on black cheesecloth, front and back

All ten leaves finished, front and back 

The leaves cut out with 0.5 cm around 
(though I didn't have the happiest of colours
I was glad to participate !)

Today they went into the mail to Sara !!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Die gefallen mir sehr gut, liebe Els!

    1. Das ist ein wunderbares Kunstprojekt ! Nun ist das Atelier in Amsterdam ...

  2. Reacties
    1. It really is Mo, I will be delighted to see it finished : it will be huge ! (... and all stitched !)