dinsdag 27 oktober 2020

day 27

There was that special colour of wool ...
It fitted exactly to the colour
of my favorite "Cora Kemperman" dress.
(so, is was often : NO, don't use that bit !)
But after my special bag was made
it wasn't so bad anymore :
there is still some left !
And for the Textile Jewels
not very much wool is needed.

My  PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 27 :

A wet felted triangle pendant, couched silk on one side,
stitched and some seed beads on the other side
and a flat glass bead at the bottom,
hanging on an adjustable wax cord.

For a donation of at least

€ 15,-


this cobalt blue pendant
can be yours,
to give a loved one as a present
or to keep for yourself.
Just sending an email at
is all you need to do for that.
(Paypal is possible and easy)

ALL the money goes to  PINK  RIBBON !


Tomorrow there will be another Textile Jewel
for  Pink Ribbon
Will I see you again then ?

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