vrijdag 9 oktober 2020

day 9

There are now some new felted pieces
but . . .
 not dry yet !
So there is no other option
than to make something else !
a fish perhaps ???
Out of some (commercial) felt ?

My PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel
for day 9 :

a fish brooch out of felt, with a tiny strip of mesh,
stitched with cotton and rayon, sequin eye,
and seed bead fins
(8 cm   3.15")

For a donation of 

€ 15


this little fish will swim right up to your door
and it will look wonderful
on a sweater of a coat.
You can keep it
or give it away to a friend.
All you need to do is send me an email at
and we'll arrange the rest.
(Paypal is possible and easy.
mind the posting)

ALL the money will go to Pink Ribbon !


Oh my
the old lady . . .
is she interested or not 

Tomorrow there will be a new Textile Jewel
I hope to see you then again !

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