donderdag 27 juni 2013

just garden-busy

The fact that we had so much rain and 
(after that and in between)
some sunshine
makes a bit of a  jungle of the garden.

Not that I don't like that,
but it means I should DO something about it.
Or otherwise I won't be able to walk trough 
my tiny one-stone-paths.

LOTS and LOTS of withered Alium Roseum
needed to come out.
A gentle tug on the stem easily does the trick
but sometimes the little bulb is pulled out too ...

I just cut the stem off and let them dry inside.
And you know what :
I know at least two people who will be happy to recieve them 
(Stins .... Yvette ...)

But I also have 

the cut off dried flower heads 
with   minuscule  bulbs
(I'm thinking of just throwing them around in public garden space)

... and it will look like this in a few years time !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely gesture, broadcast those allium where people can enjoy them! Lx

  2. Oh yes, DO ... I love that idea ... *bulb bombing* !!