zaterdag 15 juni 2013

making someone happy

It was Stitch'nBitch day again in Rotterdam.
It was supposed to be sunny today, so I dressed that way ...
 happy I was I had a rain poncho (just in case) in my cycle bag :
it rained cats and dogs,
when I got off the boat.
Hmmmmmm ... happy knitting, after I was dry again.

Because knitting does give me so much pleasure, I thought I show you this :
daughter drew my attention 
on some surprise flash mob on You Tube.

It's about a lady, Loes Veenstra  from Rotterdam,
who knitted over 500 sweaters all her life
and stored them ... untill :
when some people gave her some very happy moments, I think 
Go, and see for yourself 
and enjoy !

 At the moment I'm knitting socks for my grandson
in his favourite colour

green !
(one was already finished, but I frogged it 
because it was a bit too tight, the right one, since I have to wait 
and see if it fits this time, I started with number two)

Remember the stained glass technique 
I did two weeks ago ?
Man liked it very much and said he wants to try it too !

He will make a mandala !

Well, the machine stitching will be for me,
but the rest ..... 
(keep you posted)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. don't you just love flash mobs. they always make me tear up. and how wonderful that you inspired your man to try that technique. thanks for all that you share.

  2. THANK YOU!!!! That Flash Mob brought tears to my eyes and I can't tell you what joy I feel knowing that events like this happen in the world ... the *Good News* side of the world.

    As for that man, I'd say he's a "keeper" [meaning, one you should keep around for quite a long time] ;>]]

  3. Wat een geweldig filmpje is dat! Tranen in mijn ogen gekregen. Zou deze mevrouw nog steeds breien?

  4. Hi Els, Im back on line!
    I have finally posted after all this time.
    Thank you so much for the beautiful monkey we love it :)
    I love the mandala, and the beautiful green socks :)
    I hope your well, Ive been missing all my favourites blogs, I have a bit of catching up reading to do.

  5. O my God, this video... thanks for sharing! I had tears in my eyes too.
    Love the green, will ask my grandchildren if they want socks...
    For the mandala I´m very curious!

  6. Oh, dat filmpje! Wat mooi moet dat voor deze vrouw geweest zijn om dit als kroontje op haar werk te krijgen.