zondag 23 juni 2013

the sun

It's Sunday today.
Nót that there was much sunshine :
it rained quite a lot the better part of the day
(though in the end the sun really came out)

No it was "Sunday" because I was working on my new 
SUN piece

Yesterday I stitched the other half of the sun together.
Today I had to tackle the problem
what I would use as background.
(no, it is definately not going to be part 
of the big "Diaries-cloth")
It will stand on it's own.

After a lot of try-outs I decided to use 
the funny fabric I dyed with Procion two years ago

It is very loosely woven and there are strips stitched on in swirls.
I initially bought this to use in some felting project,
(but it was still in the drawer)

I placed the sun on quite a big piece
it's  about 105 cm wide 

There will be a border of very special denim pieces
(from someone else)

I put some other thin blue fabric behind it for more stability
since it's so big

It took a lot of puzzling and deciding about the rest

Of course : some weaving !!!

.... so far, so good ...

I must confess that it doesn't look like a day's work
but in fact it is ...

And on top of that :
the big problem with me is, that when I'm "in the flow" (of creating) 
there isn't much attention for anything, or anyone, else ...

(Ahhhhh Man had to wait for his supper,
I totally tend to forget things like that when I'm "busy")

(to be continued)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. that 'funny' fabric is gorgeous. perfect color as a background for your sun. and i like your placement of the weaving. i never want to stop to eat when i'm in the flow of creating.

  2. I love the blue you are using for your sun piece. Gorgeous color for the sun too - Enjoy your week hope the sun comes out for you - Hugs Nat

  3. Great! I love the colors and how the background fabric matches with the woven pieces. Beautiful. I can understand that you forgot all during working on that piece. And its good that it is so big - makes it even more impressing.

  4. I....AM.......LOVING.........THIS!


  5. Ah, the Flow of creativity! Glad you are there, els!