vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

a curl, a spike, a bead ...

In fact 
I should have been visiting a blogging-friend Yvette today ...
But, as there were some minor problems, 
we postponed the visit for a week
 looking forward to it !

So here are some other little "rainbow pots"
It's a lot of fun to think about the combination of colours.
Though a lot of it disappears,
some of the previous colours blend with the colour of the outer layer.

Then there's the choice 
what to put on top or the sides of the little pot

This one turned out to look like a starfish I think.
(I really like how the gradient on those tiny points turned out)

A bead on top or at the sides, a curl,

or a big bead on top ...
Every choice requires a different approach.

Oh yes : can't get enough of it !

This long spike will turn into a 

snail ?


And when daughter visits with her youngest
(and stays for dinner)
I get the best help there is !!!


7 opmerkingen:

  1. What fabulous little pots! They're all gorgeous and look like a lot of fun to make.

  2. Hihi, hij staat daar zo wijs te scheppen!
    Wat is het toch een lief manneke...
    Wat een super idee al die verschillende potjes, ziet er zo leuk uit!!!

  3. Diese kleinen Gefäße sind so schön! Das grüne mit dem Schlangenschwänzchen mag ich besonders.
    Vielleicht kann ich mit den Schulkinder so etwas versuchen. Eine tolle Inspiration, Danke!

  4. Thanks for coming over to my blog. It means alot to me and I do so love your felting work .. the little pots with the curls are so cute. I love snails and I love Ammonites .. and your little helper is adorable .. your a lucky grandma to have such a sweet helper. I wish my little helpers were closer. :)

  5. What a cute little helper love those little curls! Sian just starting to get a few little curls.
    I love your pots I made a big one a few years ago at Pam DeGroot work shop, I was going to make more of them but never got around to it. I love the spiral on top of the last pot!