dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

what a pleasure !

Daughter and I went to a workshop at HAWAR
together with a dear UK friend (who lives in Holland)

As soon as I saw the announcement 
in the HAWAR news letter in spring that 

Judit Pócs

(from Hungary)
would be giving some workshops there
we started to make arrangements  to go !
Judit was one of the felting teachers
we definately wanted to go to
and now the opportunity came on our path !
We chose the 2-day jewelry workshop in the weekend

So early last Saturday morning we drove north to Oldeberkoop
(since we were early enough we could do a little shopping
in Meinie's wonderfully stuffed shop)

After coffee/thee and introductions we could start !
It was dicided we all would start with something small : a ring.
Judit explained the first steps 
and then everyone could start and try all the various little steps on their own.
(with lots of help from Judit if we weren't sure how to proceed)

Ahhhh ..... these wonderful strong and able hands !

All too soon 
it was time for the wonderful HAWAR lunch 
on the terras outside, because we had lovely sunny weather.

Lunch at HAWAR 
(this time prepared by Spanish Paco)
is always such a treat !

After lunch some continued the ring,
others started on a pendant or bracelet.

The three of us had a delicious dinner at Hotel Lunia 
after we brought our bags to the B&B.
Our homework was to make a design for what
we wanted to make the next day.

Some inspiration Judit brought with her

Our designs for pocket necklace/belt.

From the previous day we knew we had to work very hard
to be able to make a good start on our project.
There were so many little things you had to do 
before you could go on with the rest of the piece ...

felting is always thinking and planning ahead !!!!!!!

Well, it wasn't a big problem 
if the piece wasn't finished when we would be going home,
because we have been felting for quite some time now,
so know how to proceed ...
(in fact only one of us ladies had a really finished piece in the end)

Friend Jane worked really really hard,

daughter did finish the ring and little pocket here today,

my ring still needs some work, 
the little bag is nowhere near finished,
and the pendant (that I finished today) waits for 
embroidery and a cord with closure.

(it will be a "fire" necklace)

Lots still to do, but oh my,
what a load of new things we learned.

It was such a pleasure to have Judit for a teacher !!!!!
She's a great artist !


I bought Judit's lovely book, so I can enjoy looking at her work
and probably get even more inspiration
 to maybe incorporate in my own work.


9 opmerkingen:

  1. meinie's shop is too nice

    kan je op vrijdag?

  2. Wow! Was für feine Arbeiten, Els! Dieser Workshop hätte mir auch sehr gefallen ;)

  3. What a great opportunity and I love your results, Els and Daughter!
    xxoo, sus

  4. Wunderschön! Da wäre ich auch gerne dabeigewesen!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. WOW! They look amazing, I love the necklaces with the silver bead inlayed with the felt, I would love to do a work shop like that!

  6. Man, what a fun workshop! Love the colours you can get in your felt work.
    best, nadia

  7. Hallo Els,
    ik ga in mei 2015 naar een workshop van Judit bij Truus in Baard. Heb er nu al zin in! Groetjes, Siets