zondag 31 augustus 2014

colourful !!!

What would the world be without 

(Oh, but I do love an etching, or a pen drawing ...)

At some point when making art with colour
I realized I always somehow wanted to include 
all the colours of the rainbow.
(so the name of my blog is no coincidence either)

I also love brightly coloured shoes.
So when last week a dear friend visited us
and told me she bought some pink shoes ...
on top of that of our favourite brand ...
I went to town the very next day !

Ha, they still had a pair in my size !!!

(Mmmmm so soft, so they wear like slippers!)
When making my little felted pots
you might have noticed that each new pot 
had a different colour
After the last yellow/green one, with the "snail" on top, came :

a red one !

... and then ...

a green one, still in the making,

But now I have a full rainbow of 
"rainbow pots"

I love colour !

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Els, when your pink shoes pop-up on my blogroll I thought you made them! I love love them and I want them in every colour! So glad you found one in your size! Those rainbow pods are so cute. I'm in-loved - Hugs Nat

  2. Ahhh, the red one and the blue and the green and and ,looks all great. But my favourite ist the green pod.


  3. I love your rainbow pots they look beautiful altogether, now that the weather getting warmer down this end of the world you have inspired me to get out my wool and get wet felting lou loves helping me make a mess ;)
    I love the colour of your shoes I have a top in that shade of pink I wear it lots
    It one of my favorite tops :)
    It must be coming in to autumn for you now the trees are waking up at this end of the world as there getting ready to go to sleep for the winter at your end of the world!

  4. Oooh,,all diese hübschen kleinen Gefäße, sie sind zauberhaft!
    Und die Schuhe sind echt ein Knaller!
    Herzliche Grüße

  5. great shoes Els! You little pots are so precious, they make me smile.

  6. Nat asked me how long we are friends
    isnt it from the beginnig?

  7. I adore colour too and your pots are gorgeous! I really love those pink shoes, you are lucky to have found them!
    Jess x

  8. Oh, this is a lovely colorful place to visit. It makes me happy!