donderdag 14 augustus 2014

embroidery ... and exchange ( 14 - 8 - 14 )

After sewing some beads and doing a bit more stitching
on the "fire"necklace,
I started embroidering on "earth" with gold thread.

The big flat glass bead that's in the middle of the pendant
also has some golden shimmer in it.

Around all the "holes" I sewed golden seed beads

I love the way the pendant looks like a little woman :
mother earth  !

I also did the ends of the cord

Embroidery on felt is big fun
and variegated thread is one of my favourites :

a new brooch with button and beads felted in.


Today came another little felting piece of our monthly 

Something to hang, in red !
Isn't it wonderful that Jolanda also found a beautyful card
that goes soooooo well with it !!!

Lóve the light shining through 

THANKS  Jolanda ! 

7 opmerkingen:

  1. So inspiring, Els...the top piece is other-worldly, entrancing...

  2. Wenn ich das sehe, würde ich am liebsten alle Schultüten hinschmeissen, die noch zu machen sind und GANZ was anderes machen.
    LG Doris

  3. Ja, Els, das ist wirklich Mutter Erde... Mein Herz wird ganz warm.

  4. Really inspiring to see your felted pieces Els, I enjoyed to look through your posts, your felted things are so wonderfully made.

  5. Wow I love your necklace! I love the earthy tones :)

  6. Heerlijk die vilt uitwisseling... En het gekke en leuke is ze hebben allemaal hetzelfde thema en zijn allemaal verschillend...!! Fantastisch...! De ketting ziet er ook geweldig uit...!