dinsdag 7 juli 2015

7 - 7 - 15 .... after a busy weekend ...

Yesterday was a really quiet day
I needed that 
after this busy weekend !

It was HOT
and on Saturday we (Man and me) 
went to the sheepfold in Ermelo
where we were meeting 
six women of the last felting-exchange group 
(ha : a very appropriate meeting place)

It was so hot this last week
that the sheep were kept inside the sheepfold 
in stead of going on the moors !!!
(luckily they were without their thick coat,
except of course the lambs !)

In the shade of a lovely big oak tree
we had coffee and a pot luck lunch !

We could admire all the work that was made during the year
and then took it home again with us
after deciding it had been FUN :
so there will be another felting-exchange !

Later that day daughter and I made the last preparations
for the next day on the MAF-festival market
Last stitches on some items for me
and daughter made a lovely "lettuce" jacket
for the little white felted bunny :
the prize for the lottery for the benefit of the 
(forest fund)

(he will soon go to little Tessa, who guessed correctly
how many felted balls were in the jar !)

So, after a short (HOT) night we went to Zeewolde ...

we built our tent
and attended the opening with the other stallholders and staff

Then we started with our first mini workshop :
felting a small cuff ...

... and then stitching it with lots of beads and sequins !
(hmmmmm : lucky to be in the shade of the tent !!!)

All went well
and everybody was happy
until at five o'clock .....
the foretold thunderstorm came nearer !
Lots of people (and some stallholders) had already disappeared 
but it seemed the real storm would pass by at some distance ...

It did,
but not the wind !
The wind got hold of  our tent
and it was blown down, while we were grasping it ...
pfffft : our strong neighbour stallholder rescued us !

Within seven minutes it was all over :
the wind had disappeared and the sun came back 
Not one thing damaged of our goodies
(and just some rings torn off the tent)
so all ended well

And it all ended with a fire and a celebration
for Mother Earth

What a wonderful day
Today there were some other artists of our family busy

the litle one "discovered" painting 
(with a bucket of water and a brush)

though he rather wanted to paint like his big sister ...

She showed us earlier this zentangle in her sketchbook

and her painting ended up like this !

So the little one did some more paiting on the paving slabs
(and was happy with it)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your little painter is adorable ... be interesting to see what he's doing with a brush in a few years ;)
    All in all, it looks like a wonderful day !

  2. Yes,what a lovely time,it makes me happy just reading about it, I'm pleased the wind did not blow you away.
    Working on scrim and silk in separate layers, that's right.

  3. Els, I loved this beautiful post and getting a glimpse of your creative life. You are in the flow!

  4. Your grandson is indeed adorabel... Great way to let HIM paint the Stones instead your walls inside...!