maandag 20 juli 2015

life (and death) in the garden

It's always like that :
after a busy time at the sewing machine
comes a quiet time of not sewing at all.
the garden needed a really good clean out !
Things to remove,
cut off,
take cuttings for a friend and put them in pots,
and I even did some replanting :
the Acanthus spicata
that didn't anything but getting mildew, finally had to go,
and I put something else in that spot
(with nice dark red leaves)

This family, with a bossy father in front, came by while I was busy

I love these still fluffy youngsters !

This blackbird youngster didn't make it though.
Flies, ants and slugs were having their little party,
I'll watch it in the next couple of days ...

And this one ?

Was he being brave or just simply stupid ???
Just there, in front of the open door
with just the screen door between him and the cat ?
the cat, the gray sister, was very intently looking
at what was sitting there, just outside on the door mat !
(she never ever did catch a mouse)
So one life spared !

Inside my Princess-of-the-Night gave another fragrant flower

She had a bigger pot with new potting compost
(..... I think she liked that   :-) .....)

though it was mostly reading and working in the garden,
I had to finish the raffle that came at the end
make an accessory for the doll of the next one in line
on the e-mail list
(and for me that was Evelien)

She made two dolls,
so I thought : why not make two small items,
one for each doll.

the start ...

(I'll place the other pictures when she tells me the envelope arrived)

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