woensdag 15 juli 2015

weavers market in Hoorn

I was very lucky today :
my friend Caroline (of the felting-exchange) had told me
she was going to the "weavers market" in Hoorn
and when I asked, I could go with her !!!
Yippeeeee !
(I had never been there, but heard a lot about it)

A steady drizzle accompanied us to Hoorn
and it only grew worse.

(We met another felting-exchange friend,
Paulien, who lives in that neighbourhood
and much later Anneke who came by train)

Umbrellas up, but it got only wetter,
so after the first few stalls we stopped for coffee !

these colours make you happy !

"Rest in Felt"
Does that say what it looks like ?
Yes, this lady makes winding sheets (graveclothes) out of felt !

This particular one she has made for her mother,
still very healthy ... and 84 !
The mother explicitly asked for it
and wanted lots of flowers.
So special !

Here we had lunch,
waited for number four of our party,
and I also found my long-time-no-see blogging friend Siets !
It was dry, so on we went.

There were many more lovely stalls
but ... I was too busy 
(feeling all the goodies 
and buying some)
to take more pictures !

Thanks ladies, especially Caroline,
for this wonderful day !

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oooh daar word je toch vreselijk hebberig van! Al die mooie materialen en kleuren....
    Liefs, Mirjam.

  2. Toll, toll, toll! Ich weiß jetzt nicht, wie weit die Stadt von uns entfernt ist, ihr habt bei euch so schöne Märkte und Veranstaltungen! Bestimmt hast du viele Inspirationen mitgenommen. Mach´s gut, Birgit

  3. Look like a colourful-fun day. Hope the wool did get felted in the rain! Enjoy!

  4. Oh those colours, like heaven! I don't know what a winding sheet is but it looks very pretty! :)
    Jess x

  5. Was für ein schöner, bunter Markt!
    Liebe Grüße,

  6. Thats looks like a great day out. Lets hope we don't get to rest in felt just yet!