donderdag 30 juli 2015

summer ???

Is it really summer ?
At this moment there is so much rain falling in big showers
that it looks more like autumn !

We hope for some dryer weather
from now on ...

Sure daughter does hope so :
she wants to go to a "castlefest" party in Lisse.
She needed some special additions to her clothes
and I helped her a bit.

This bodice was made out of leather
and I hammered the eyelets in.

From a leftover piece she made a cuff

The hare has to be made permanent with her burning tool

I did some felting today
(noooo,  I won't show that because it will be a gift)
and since daughter was having diner here
I made the special recipe
(Chicken in the Hat)

For those who don't understand Dutch :
puff pastry, chickenbreast, hot currypowder
(uhhhm ... I don't like instant sauce from a package !)
pitted cherries, 6 ginger balls, 1 garlic clove
(and we always put in some fried onion and a zucchinni !)
and some crème fraîche.
Line a springform tin with the puff pastry and
before you put the fried mixture with all ingredients in,
add some spoons of breadcrumbs first at the bottom.
Add a cover of puff pastry and then a good half hour
in the oven

YUMMY !!!!!

Bon appetit !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. a great moonlight-hare! and I'd love a slice of your pie for lunch!
    warm greetings from Paris!

  2. Sending some sunshine up to the north! We have the problem with drought around Stuttgart. The grass isn't green anymore. The fields are already harvested, two weeks earlier than usual.
    Wish you a warm summer-weekend,

  3. Oh no! You too have no summer? It has been quite lousy weather in Finland all summer. But at least it's green ;)

  4. Je wordt op je wenken bediend nu heerlijk zomerweer .... Maar het was wel lekker weer om een mooie outfit te maken...! Ziet er geweldig uit. De kip met hoed ziet er trouwens ook heerlijk uit..!