vrijdag 25 september 2015

PassionFilz - felt exhibition

Last week on Friday, I was on my way to Haarlem
to the felt exhibition at " meervilt!" there
  of the book "Passion Filz" 
with German (or German speaking) felters.
when I met with my UK friend Jane in front of the Rotterdam Central Station

there were NO TRAINS going 
(due to some alert on the Thalys)

We had a cup of coffee and a chat near the station
but even after an hour there was no sign of any trains leaving.
So we said we could maybe go this week.
Jane went yesterday but I couldn't join her then.
Because the exhibition is only till Saturday next week 
I decided to go today (again by bike - boat - bike - train)
when I arrived at the landing stage of the boat
there was NO BOAT going to Rotterdam
because the river was closed by the fire brigade 
because of a fire in an old shipyard !
In fact the boat that started earlier to R'dam 
came back and went to Dordrecht.
Well I thought it wasn't meant to be ....
but then I thought I could go to Dordrecht and get the train to Haarlem

(ha, I even had an earlier train via that route !)

And I'm really glad it all worked out !
(sorry, I hardly have any names)

Dagmar Binder

Mmmmmm ... my dear friend  Gabi Mazaracis

(the inside of a bowl    and      some mixed media)

And  Meervilt!  is also a :

well-stocked SHOP !

I'm so glad it all worked out in the end ,
it was worthwhile the trip !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, what AMAZING work! Look at all those fab felting supplies, too! Have a lovely weekend, Els. xo

  2. looks like your persistence paid off. some beautiful pieces. thank for sharing.

  3. Eine wunderbare, inspirierende Ausstellung- und schöne Fotos hast du gemacht, Els!
    Ein schönes Wochenende und mit lieben Grüßen,

  4. Hi, Els, What a smashing exhibit. Well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing it!
    best, nadia

  5. Fabulous Felt, Els! Thanks for going and taking the photographs for us! Lxx

  6. Fantastic work...great exhibition of felting thanks for sure

  7. Felt must be such a great material to work with. Wonderful exhibition, impressive works.

  8. "Eine schwere Geburt" würden wir hier sagen, aber der Weg hat sich gelohnt. Großartige Kunstwerke und als die Katzen kamen, dachte ich gleich, die kennst du doch!! Dane für diese tollen Bilder, Els!!

  9. lovely work! especially Gabi's animals, of course!
    warm greetings from Paris!