zondag 6 september 2015

some new things ...

Because daughter and I are going 
to another little festival this Saturday
I'm busy making some new
felted items.

The scissors pouches
are really fun to make now that I've adjusted
the pattern a bit to fit better the tiny
needlework scissors.
(the very first one of this new series
went on a very long trip to my friend Mo
"down under")

On some of them  
the embroidery is completed,
others are still waiting to be finished.

Then there were some tiny fish.
(want to stitch them with sequins and shiny thread)

Then, today, I made another small pouch
(that you can wear on a belt)
I wanted to make a double flap on this tiny bag.
With patterns like this 
you have to really think ahead 
about all the things you want to accomplish :
what do I (have to) do first ... 
because "later" in the process might be too late !

The first two (perpendicular) layers 
of all three connected parts were in aqua.
The top flap stayed that way.

The next layer was a more greenish blue,
for the second flap and the "body"
The "tail" on the second flap had to come on before the next colour.
To be able to wear the pouch on a belt
I prepared a kind of tunnel
(with some etamine reinforcement)
after the third colour was on the body.

Felted halfway through and (iiiiieeee ....) cutting,

the template being removed and inside out.

I always like to secure certain parts with some linen thread
and pull that out in the end after rinsing.
Now the two flaps will each be felted double. 

And here it is !

(not the best light) 

... and the (not so interesting) back

Bag and template !

(lots more to be done 
before we go to the Kom-Passie festival in Roozendaal)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Man wat ingewikkeld , maar oh zo gaaf!!

  2. Die Tasche mit den Würfeln!!...wie die große, die du,mit hattest und die Gürteltasche! Zum Markt von mir aus über 2 Std., leider (aber etwas anderes ist geplant, freu mich, schreibe dir).

  3. Such sweetness you make Els! Nothing like beautiful wooden tools to help you along your way, yes? Have fun at the festival.

  4. The scissor keepers are just beautiful, as is your lovely pouch, the shape and colours just right! And I love your suns and moons cloth, very reassuring to see that others have bits of stitching that have been in the making for a while too, I don't feel so guilty now :-)