woensdag 9 september 2015

9 - 9 - 15 ... red and green

Oh my, September already !
We have some sunshine again,
but in the garden you can feel autumn getting nearer.

My last Alliums ...

they found a "better" spot :
between the paving stones instead of open ground
(where I put them)

and my Black Elderberry

(with its dark red foliage and pink blossom)
and shining berries

Still going strong with the little felted pouches.
I owed a better image of the first
bluish-green one
(or is it greenish blue ?)

closed, and the double flap open
to reveal the tiny "secret" pocket
(I'm not too keen on the push button
but it keeps the flaps well closed, and I see no other option)

I tried it on with a black leather belt
and it looks quite nice
(I think)

Then I started on a RED pouch.

The inside colours ..... and a rather tricky bottom part,

little pocket at the front side ..... and a tunnel at the back,

removing the template ..... and working inside out.

And here is "RED"
(ha, love the rusted garden bird behind / on top of it !)

Two belt pouches ...
(might be fun to wear with a Medieval costume for example ...)

In my bed last night
I thought of many more little pouches
(though there isn't much time ...)

A GREEN one would be nice too  ;-)

bag, flap, pocket

The front side of the flap.

All nice packed up ...
that's how far I got before dinner,
till I had to go away for the first Mandala evening for this season.

(to be comtinued)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Your pouches are so sweet...especially the aqua one. What a fab felter you are, Els! xo

  2. Was für wunderschöne Täschchen, liebe Els! Ich bin begeistert!
    Sei herzlich gegrüßt von

  3. Die Bodenform von RED sieht kniffelig aus, aber super gelungen!
    Ha, dein Generationen-Mandala guckt mich von der Fensterbank aus an.

  4. Das kann ich verstehen: In jeder Farbe braucht man eines. Ich bekomme richtig Lust auf Täschchen :-)
    Lieben Gruß

  5. Oh my goodness the green one is gorgeous! xx

  6. Ze zijn werkelijk prachtig Els...! Al die vakjes daar wordt een mens blij van...! En dan zo' n mooi tunneltje achterop de tas...! Super...!