maandag 14 september 2015

the green one ...

Although there wasn't much time last week
I had set my mind on making another
small belt pouch
after I finished the blue and the red one.
I thought it could be ready in time 
before the festival on Saturday

With all the "ideas" in place late Wednesday afternoon ...

... I could start softly, carefully on Thursday 
with the first bit of felting.
Lately I use a piece of net to place over the work
(otherwise I use two small plastic bags
on my hands in the beginning)

Finding the plactic veins wasn't easy.
Then I went to the sink
(where I can be more splashy with water than on the dining table)

And thank you SUN, for being there to speed up
the drying process !

Yes, we were enjoying the sun too!

But that night I thought that somehow the little pouch
wasn't quite finished yet ...

( I had tried on the aqua one with a belt that afternoon

but for the green one I wanted something more ... )

So it was very late when I finally went to bed that night
but ... quite satisfied with what I had made :

and it had all of the sunny Friday to get totally dry !

The leaf flap close up


6 opmerkingen:

  1. thank you for sharing how this one grew!

  2. Superklasse, aufwendig, super durchdacht!! Ach, ich würde auf der Stelle "Ferien" nahe Rotterdam machen wollen ;o)

  3. Oooh wow, wat vreselijk mooi!!!!!
    Echt weer een kunstwerkje.....

  4. Du bist eine Künstlerin !
    Wunderschön, sehr nah am Material. Es ist alles mit Seele gemacht.
    Ich bin begeistert.
    LG Angela