dinsdag 15 september 2015

what a gift ... !

Sometimes you can be so amazed 
about the love and care
some person just sends you.

made with imagination, skill and love
(I'm sure of that !)
lands safely on your doorstep.

Send to you from the other side of the world.

Thank you sooooo much Mo
for this wonderful gift

(ahhhh do you see that rainbow of the tiniest beads on the right ?) 

It came in a package from Australia
with a special Cat card,
Mo also made

Mo is a gifted artist (among a lot of other things)
who makes these wonderful talismans
out of the most amazing little pieces of bone, tendrils,
beads, buttons, feathers
and lots more.
(just click on the name Moon Star under the first picture
and she tells you what it was made of precisely !)

And the fun part is that I remember seeing
this lovely Moon Star on her blog,
loving what wonder she worked again
nót knowing (how could I)
that this little wonder
would come to me 

I love it even more because there are used
little snippets given by persons that are also dear to me !

what a gift !

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