vrijdag 26 februari 2016

exchange ... to and fro

February is nearly gone.
(though it's a very special February this year :
with one (leap) day extra !)
It certainly is time
to send my felted piece for this month's exchange !!!

For the exchange
I received a wonderful package two days ago.
It was wrapped up like a real gift

Something like that can only contain
a true treasure ...

... and there it was : a new jewel !

Thanks very much Jolanda : love it !

The piece I had to make this time
has the theme 

  nocturnal  animal  

The plan I had for this one, was on little sketches
right after I made the "Baba Yaga house" piece in January,
but then my "Challenge House" took over

And then,
when I was working on the water soluble making butterfly wings,
an new idea emerged for the nocturnal animal theme !

a  moth
(a butterfly of the night)

It took some time
but today at last, my moth was ready to fly !

Here it is slowly growing ...

and there she goes
... to the light !

(and she's in the mail)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. so delicate - she's just right but I hope that's a golden moon she's flying towards, not a candle!

  2. Wie schön! Ganz besonders die Fühler, die die Motte so empfindsam in die Welt hält...
    Lieben Gruß

  3. oh you receive some beautiful mail at your house!! Lucky you....

  4. Leuk spul dat vlies...! Ik ben er nog niet he,email uit hoe je het nog meer kan toepassen...! Maar dat het een leuk spulletje is is wel helder...! Wat een heerlijk " motje"

  5. Kat, don't know that for sure
    Danke Heidi, wasserlösliche Stoff wirkt wunderbar
    I "love" my postman
    (PB Jolan)