dinsdag 16 februari 2016

water soluble

The "House Challenge" 
is coming to an end.
Last Monday Sara sent the last pdf
with instruction and suggestions.
The houses of everybody are far from finished
but that is okay,
we will have many more weeks to continue.
On the 20th of March
random couples will be picked by Sara
and we'll make some small item
for the house of the other person of the couple :
a small fun swap,
just like at the end of the other challenges !

These are the three walls of my house.
I incorporated the roof :
the green walls end in green leaf-like points.
I also found my coloured wire,
thick and thin.

The wings of the butterfly
have very thin blue wire attached to the front side
and now she has long antennae 
(with a bead at the end)

These are the walls since yesterday.
There are some more inhabitants now :

... a (sleeping) cocoon and the known "doorman"

... two new baby caterpillars ...

Making the butterfly wings with
water soluble
was sooooo much fun
that I had to do some more with that funny stuff today.

I have two varieties of the water soluble "fabric"
One is kind of plastic-like,
the other one is thicker and looks more like interfacing
only DON'T touch it with wet hands, or sneeze :
it will shrivel away !!!

First I have a piece of  water soluble
(big enough to fit in a plastic embroidery hoop
that one is thin, so it will easily go under the presser foot of the machine )
then I use some tulle or polyester sheer
with lots of threads and snippets underneath.
Then comes the "free stitching" :
you have to be sure that all the snippets are connected by stitch.
When you are satisfied with your end product
you can pin your work on a thick cellular polystyrene
and rinse out the water soluble !
(using little water leaves a lot of "glue" in your work and makes it stiff, 
using a lot (and rub some) leaves your work a lot softer !)

 A new idea taking shape

Held up against the light
you better see the waste threads I used for this one


Just have to show this gorgeous Amaryllis  :
two stems with four flowers each !!!

And last week we had another mandala evening

(Isis & Osiris)

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  1. So so beautiful Els. You made me want to felt!

  2. I really love your house project Els, you have created some beautiful surfaces there....

  3. your house is wonderful, really looking forward to seeing it all pu together, it has such a whimsical, delicate character :-)