dinsdag 9 februari 2016

growing ...

Sara's "challenge house" and the inhabitants
are "growing"

Today I made the triangular shaped walls
a little more precise 
with little fluffs of green wool,
linen and tulle.
I had to be really careful
not to break any felting needle of my embellisher machine
because there are already some beads
and stitching on the walls !
(ahhhhh ..... couldn't help myself,
just had to do it !)

The top ("roof") end of each wall
needs some adjustment too.
There will be some leaf-shaped ends.

Then I will have to put it all together
and, most probably, stabilize it with wire frame
(still thinking about that)

But I was also playing on my normal sewing machine
with tiny bits and pieces of fabric
and some "water soluble"
That was a long time ago I used that
but very, very much FUN !

Anyone can guess ? 

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