maandag 22 februari 2016

more embellisher and water soluble

Though it's a bit slow right now
the Challenge house
is coming to an end.

I made a lot more leaves :
I think I can use some more for the "roof"
(that will not be a roof at all)

I made the leaves with the embellisher
than stitched them on the sewing machine
and cut little holes.

Now I'm busy stitching the sides together
with some wire in between,
a slow job.

Because the stitching on water soluble
is so much fun, I did more butterflies
(and one has flown away already)

A very thin one,
with lots of loose threads between the tulle and the water soluble.

The backside       ...........     and against the light

And one in another colour scheme.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Die Blätter, der Aufbau mit den Löchern, toll. Wie das Vorbild in der Natur. Spannend deine Erfahrungen mit neuen Techniken zu verfolgen.
    Bleibt's beim 2.4.?!

    1. Danke Birgit, obwohl ich die "echte" Löcher nicht so gerne habe ....
      Jaaaaa : 2.4 !!!