woensdag 10 oktober 2018

day 10

Ahhhh ... a bit late today,
I went to the hairdresser in Rotterdam.
Though I took my stitching things with me in a little box,
and I've been stitching on the boat
ánd while waiting for my turn at the hairdresser,
I had to do a LOT when I was home again
(Man even made dinner !)

There was nearly to little daylight left for the photos ...
(and purple is difficult anyway !)

here is my Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel
for day  10 :

a flat oval brooch in bluish purple,
felt and cotton, hand stitched with couched silk,
rayon, silk and cotton, bullion knots, sequins and seed beads.
(7 x 4 cm)
(2.75 x 1.55")

For a donation of

 € 10 


(or more)
this night blue brooch can be yours,
to keep for yourself
or to give away to someone dear.

Sending me an email is all you need to do at
Or just leave a note at the "comments" down here.

ALL the money is for Pink Ribbon !


Hope to see you tomorrow
with a new textile jewel for Pink Ribbon !

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