vrijdag 12 oktober 2018

day 12

(a bit later than normal for no special reason)

A good high backed garden chair
is good for my back, so I'm still going strong.

I love my garden, and though it's rather small, I have three trees.
I think there must be (at least) one tree
in every garden.
Trees are a beautiful example
of the ongoing renewal of nature !

My Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel 
for day  12 :

another TREE brooch :this time a winter tree,
cotton and felt,
free motion machine stitching with rayon thread
and seed beads.

For a donation of 

 € 10 


(more is very welcome)
this tree comes to you.
Just send me an email at

ALL the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


And while taking pictures in the garden
I saw these two beauties !

See you tomorrow
with a new textile jewel !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. love the quiet peace of your winter tree

    1. time to rest and to gather strength for a new beginning

  2. Deine kleinen Dinge sind wieder alle ganz wundervoll und besonders. Dieser Baum ist zum Verlieben!

    1. Danke dir Heidi, es ist wieder schön jeden Tag etwas Neues zu gestalten ;-)