donderdag 25 oktober 2018

day 25

(NO, I didn't see that moon last night)
And today
overcast and now and then a fine drizzle ...
AUTUMN weather !

I took out the machine once more :
for another tree.
In the house where we lived before we came here
we had a birch tree, right in front of the house.
Light and airy,
lovely green in spring
and yellow in autumn.

(grrrr ... the people who bought our house
immediately chopped it down :
because of the many flying little seeds)

My Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel
for day  25 :

a BIRCH  TREE  brooch, fabric and felt,
free motion machine and hand stitched
with rayon thread
(5,5 cm)

The right jewel for any tree-lover !

For a donation of

€ 10


(or a bit more)
I'll send this brooch to you wherever you live.
You just need to email me at
(or you can tell me down here
at the comments)

ALL the money you donate will go to Pink Ribbon !


I hope to see you tomorrow
with a new textile jewel !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. liebe Els
    nach dem Abendkurs hier schnell ins Netz in der Werkstatt um deine wunderschönen Schmuckstücke anzusehen. Irgendwie bin ich immer zu spät dran - zum 3. Mal ausverkauft - heidenei.

    Ich schicke dir allerliebste Nachtgrüße und gratuliere dir zu dem Erfolg deiner pink ribbon Aktion - ich bewundere dich wirklich sehr für dein Engagement und deinen unglaublichen Fleiß. Mögen noch viele Menschen entdecken und unterstützen was du tust.