zaterdag 20 oktober 2018

day 20

Late, late, late :
first I had things to do for Man's party tomorrow
(cleaning, vacuuming and getting rid of
all the Pink Ribbon "stuff" that is scattered around)
And Man made the yummy stuff   ;-)

But I'm here now !

With my Pink Ribbon Textile jewel
for day  20 :

a dusty PURPLE brooch,
felt, hand stitched with silk and rayon,
a leather flower, a wooden bead, sequin, and many seed beads
(6,5 x 4,5 cm)

Who dares,
a mysterious dark flower of the night !

For a donation of

€ 10


(or a bit more is welcome)
this jewel can be yours
as a present for yourself
or someone else.
Please send me an email at
(or tell me here at the comments) 

ALL the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !

the front is purple, the back is dark blue :
lousy colours because of the artificial light !
(blue and purple are always problematic ...)


(this colour is a bit better than the one before
but not sharp)

See you tomorrow
(not in the afternoon either)
for my next textile jewel !

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