dinsdag 21 april 2020

keeping an eye ...

Sue Stone is an English textile artist
who makes stitched portraits.
Her sons made a special Textile Art site
where they give a stage to their mum
and other textile artists from all over the world.

In these strange times they initiated on FB
with every week another artist
to teach a tiny online workshop
about their own way with textiles,
starting with Sue Stone of course.
Next was Cas Holmes
and on April 6 Emily Tull
who explained how tho stitch an eye.

I was still busy stitching the piece for my friend
so I saw that video later in the week
and it very much appealed to me ! 
One piece finished ... ready to start something new !

For one I start with the end result

But it all started with
1. a photo
(hmmmmm ... hate making selfies : they look bad
and strangely askew most of the time)
2. a sketch (with pencil)
3. tracing the drawing in pen
and 4. the drawing (again in pen) on cloth
(an piece of linen from old trousers)

Hmmmm four "me's"

So not one eye
but both eyes ánd glasses

A collection of blues and grays and skin colours

Five slightly different  reds for my glasses

Starting the second eye.
I had some times five needles in my work
each with a different strand (or two)
embroidery floss

While working on this there were two more challenges :
by Richard McVetis and Emily Jo Gibbs

(so more to stitch !)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) your eyes are beautiful & you honoured them purrfectly in stitch, deep bow!

  2. ELS you did it so well ! het was vast en zeker héél fijn om steek voor steek JE tot leven te zien komen .

    1. Dankjewel Maria, het was inderdaad steek-voor-steek !!!
      (met enkele of soms twee draadjes DMC !)

  3. Wow, that is such a fine and perceptive piece of embroidery - have you joined up with thier FB group as well so others can admire?
    I haven't taken part because there are too many other things going on, and I know my tendency to procrastinate and get nothing at all done, but it's a grand initiative isn't it?

    1. Yes Kat, I joined the group, some wonderful stitchers out there !!!
      I can imagine your hesitation, but this was just what I needed to get started again ...