dinsdag 14 april 2020

quiet ...

A bit too quiet perhaps
but lots of loooong telephone conversations :
that was my 2020 birthday.

Man went shopping very early
and brought sole for dinner
and sunny flowers !

In the garden the flowering Malus and the very first Bluebell
(one that survived the garden-makeover
but I hope there will be more ...)

And then, late in the afternoon :
(after I already reconciled with the very quiet day)
the surprise visit of daughter with two grandsons
and presents !

A wonderful birthday after all

18 opmerkingen:

  1. we are born in the same year you spring i autumn
    may you can handle everything on your way with a bright heart !!!!

  2. Happy birthday my dear Els, it seems that you had a good day. Wishing you rainbows and hope, happiness and laughter, great people along and better days for all of us 🌷⚘🌷🍀🌱🍃

  3. .... oh, it said "unknown"... it's me, Manuela 😁🙃🙊

  4. Happy Birthday dear Els! 🎂🌹❤

    1. Thanks Connie
      (a year older, a year wiser ... they say)

  5. so good to see you! Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Els, I'm so glad you had some enjoyable things in the day, those socks look particularly scrumptious. I love your garden pictures, but must warn you, that tender nodding gentle blue bluebell is a rampant monster in disguise! I love them, but my front garden is so full of them that nothing else has a chance at this time of year - I just can't bear to dig them out!!! I assume you probably know this already :-)
    Stay happy and healthy xx

    1. Thank you Kat !
      I love the bluebells and there aren't that many ... It's different for the aconites (a lot of leaves, after the flowers fade, so I squeeze the seedpods off) and in a two weeks the allium roseum, of which I take off the flowers after blooming too !!!(they're like your bluebells hahaha)

  7. Hezlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich aber umso mehr von Herzen.
    Liebe sonnige Inselgrüße dazu ;O)))