zaterdag 25 april 2020

more learning

more stitching again !

This week in the group
it was Emily Jo Gibbs' turn
to show a bit how she works her magic.
She makes the most delicate portraits and still life pieces
with a hazy appearance because of
the silk organza she uses.
(check out her website!)

I know and love her work for quite some time
so I was delighted with this opportunity.

She showed how to make a "simple" piece
using a found twig and its shadow

Finding an interesting twig shouldn't be a problem
in my garden and I found one
(even a flowering one)
but then :
daughter brought a beautiful hanging basket
with a fuchsia !!!

Change of plans for me !


Great way to make a sketch with a telephone nearby.

Finding the right fabric
is never a problem in my "home-shop" stash
nor was tracing the sketch (against the window)
to make the patterns

Cutting them however
was a fiddly business !!!
(f.y.i. the pattern was on A5 !)

After all the pieces were pinned then tacked in place
I selected my threads
and could the stitching start.

Great use of the telephone,

to see every detail in form and colour !


Today I finished the last stitches :
pistil and stamens
and decided
that it looked better when the flowers was lying down
(and not standing like a little ballerina)

A wonderful lesson

THANKS Emily !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) such beautiful stitching, choice of colours & cloths for a favourite flower!

  2. ((Mo)) a beautiful coincidence :-)

  3. Oh I just love that, very much in the spirit of Emily Jo but unmistakably yours. She is a delightful person, we had her to give a talk and a very short demo with us last year, and another workshop this year, though I didn't attend that. I gather it was really good, one of my friends produced a lovely portrait of her mother

    1. Yes Kat ! I would love to see Emily Jo (and her work) in real life ! She adjusted the technique because hardly anybody has silk organza at home ...! But it worked like this too, so many lovely pieces were made after her workshop.

  4. Wunderschön und kreativ. Eine Fuchsie.
    Lg aus Wien

    1. Danke schön, Frau Mayer ;-)
      Ich bin auch sehr glücklich mit Tochters Fuchsie, und so bleibt sie noch ein bisschen länger schön hahaha !
      LG zurück