maandag 29 augustus 2011

feathers after the storm

August is rushing to it's end already.

The storm at the US East Coast has blown away
so it's a safe time to think about some more feathers
for Jude's Magic Feather Project.

In the attic I found a paint stained shirt of Man
that I was about to throw away untill I noticed the shirt pocket :
in one corner was the tiniest embroidered horse.

Well thát deserved another life !
Washed, ironed and basted, it was ready to recieve a feather.

 Was that Pegasus perhaps ???

... it might be ...

Then today I prepared two other pieces of my procion dyed fabric

The yellow one (a bit bright perhaps, but Jude probably will find a place for it) got a sun,
the blue one a discharge moon ...
... the feathers are still in the making.
When they're finished they will fly over the ocean to Jude

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the Pegasus feather galloping its way to Jude. The moon and sun are beautiful too.

  2. Hello Els. Love your Pegasus feather! I am now working on my 5th feather. They ARE very addictive. Also worried about my first three feathers, they haven't arrived at Jude's yet. Perhaps the storm has delayed them.
    Your little felted man/woman is wonderful. Love his long arms - perfect for doing backstroke!

  3. Els - that horse is the best! Love it :)

  4. wonderful horsefeather, the gentle blues are dreamy

  5. Love it, I can almost feel the feather fluttering down the cloth.

  6. horsefeathers is a funny expression that means 'nonsense' - but the tiny horse and feather is anything BUT! Great ideas, Els. love, sus

  7. Pegasus, I love that. What a glorious idea.

  8. Gorgeous. As a "mother" of two is very sweet. Thanks for sharing