donderdag 11 augustus 2011

flying or not flying, that's the question

Yes !
The feathers are ready for take-off
to fly all the way to New York.

First there was the looking for inspiration and sketching some ideas

( daughter brought some beautiful feathers )
but I could not decide yet.

Then later last night : bleep, the light went on, and I knew what to do!
I started stitching at about 11 pm

and stitched on and on ...
till it was finished !

Then, this morning, I made another one 
and put the two of them in an envelope with a little note for Jude.

But :
daughter wants to send a feather of her own, along with mine !
The envelope is still open and waiting for the next feather for Jude.
So she'll have to wait a little bit longer
( ... and so have you all before I show them ... )

Later daughter came by to do some felting of her own : a waistband
on which she started a few days ago

... a rose is a rose is a rose ...
When it's finished you will see it.

( here she is, showing my  Kaffe "clutch" bag,
I don't know, but think I will make a rather short strap ... )

9 opmerkingen:

  1. i love the little tiny feather with the blue bands, think i would have settled on it.
    and yes, a short strap on little clutch bag would be nice.

  2. such beautiful feathers. i have never seen such feathers. love the feather, the rose and bud and the clutch. looks like you have a lovely daughter from what i can see.

  3. That felted rose is the most beautiful felted flower I've ever seen!

  4. The feathers are so filled with color! Do you know what kinds they are? I agree with Kaite...that little blue one is charming. Your felting is beautiful and looks so touchable!

  5. Wow! what kind of proud birds have such fabulous colored feathers??? I think you clutch turned out stunningly (but I agree about putting on a strap - that's just me, not a clutch-purse-person).

  6. Yeah, go feather! I'm making one to send it flying to NY too. How exciting that our feathers will be a family - Hugs Nat

  7. Thank you all!
    The little blue feather comes from a "Vlaamse gaai" (Garrulus glandarius) it's a kind of Jay I think. It's a woodland bird but he also comes to our garden, especially in winter, see December 18 2010 for the bird .....

  8. Ah, forgot about the bright feathers: from the ZOO ..... (sorry)

  9. Your felted purses are smashing! And the feather project is so fun. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
    best, nadia