maandag 8 augustus 2011

ideas bubbling up

Although I love to stitch on "Water"
it is still felting-time at the moment.

After finishing my blue bag
( and showing it off on Saturday )
there are still more and more ideas that I want to try,
most of the time one leeds to another !

I did something in special colours today

but I don't want to show too much ...
( probably later, I don't want to spoil someone's present ! )

And a bit more blue ....

Ha, I love it só much when it becomes exactly as I wanted it to be ....

( still a lot more things to try ....! )

4 opmerkingen:

  1. you always use such wonderful vibrant colors.

  2. What a clever closure - I may copy, if I ever get back to felting. Lucky you to have a daughter to join in with your projects.

  3. it's really a pleasure to read through your blog and i like the way you show also parts of the processes, that makes it so much more vivid.
    And yes, the closure is really clever, like it.